Ministère de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale

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Amounts owed to the Ministère

How to avoid a claim

The financial assistance that you receive from the MTESS is calculated on the basis of the information that you provide to the Ministère about your financial, family and other circumstances. To avoid having to repay assistance, the Ministère urges you to:

  • Provide all of the information and documents required for the study of your application
  • Provide full and accurate information required in your annual declarations
  • Meet your commitments concerning your participation in measures included in your job re-entry action plan
  • Inform your Services Québec office without delay of any change in your financial, family or other circumstances
  • Inform your Services Québec office without delay of any amounts that you have received or expect to receive from another government agency or any other source, including support payments received directly from the Revenu Québec or from the person who owes you this support
  • Repay any amounts granted to you by the Ministère in the form of a loan (conditional assistance) as soon as you receive the latter amount. Amounts from other sources include worker’s compensation from the CNESST, compensation from the SAAQ, employment insurance benefits from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, pensions from Retraite Québec, insurance benefits, etc. If you fail to indicate that you are waiting to receive an amount and the amount should in fact be paid to the MTESS, the amount (as well as any merchandise that you have purchased with the amount) may be seized by the MTESS
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Ministère de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale.

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