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Types of documents

Claim certificate:Document provided for in the Act that informs the debtor that their debt is due and must be repaid. The amount found on the document includes the balance of all claims for which the time allowed for review or appeal to the Tribunal administrative du Québec has expired. Upon receipt of this certificate, the debtor must repay the full amount owed, failing which they may be subject to legal measures. After issuing a claim certificate, the Ministère may withhold sums from amounts paid by the Ministère, recover any income tax refund payable by Revenu Québec or any solidarity tax credit owed to the debtor, in order to recover the debt.

Power of attorney: This document authorizes a debtor to delegate someone else to look after settling their debt. The Centre de recouvrement must be provided with a written power of attorney before it can discuss the settling of your debt with another person chosen by you.

Statement of account: The statement of account is sent every three months to inform you about the status of your file.

Income tax slip: The Ministère has until the last day of February of each year to send you an income tax slip. If you were not receiving financial assistance from the Ministère, a tax slip is only issued if you made repayments over the course of the previous year. Only payments covering the capital portion of claims are taken into account, excluding claims regarding sponsors in default. For all other situations, please contact the Centre de communication avec la clientèle (CCC).

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Ministère de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale.

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