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Research and transfer strategy

Pan-Québec research and transfer strategy on poverty

In keeping with its scientific research and collaboration mandate, the CEPE takes part in a range of research activities with various partners both inside and outside Québec.

In 2006, the Conseil de la science et de la technologie formed a steering committee of researchers and end-users from the milieus interested in poverty issues to produce a strategy document about the contribution of research to anti-poverty achievements in the next 15 to 20 years.

Strategic plan for anti-poverty research and knowledge transfer

(Conseil de la science et de la technologie, 2007)

The purpose of this strategy is to increase research efforts aimed at a fuller understanding of the problem of poverty and to contribute to producing lasting solutions. The strategy insists on the importance of knowledge transfer and appropriation and the need to make research results known and easy to access. Its added value stems from its goal of contributing in an original and defining fashion by rallying the relevant forces, supporting the production of new knowledge, and ensuring that this knowledge leads to genuine action. The strategy addresses all of these concerns and brings into focus Québec’s strengths and weaknesses on this front, four key research and transfer targets, the research approaches to favour, and the importance of improving the performance of research instruments (databanks) and synergy among stakeholders. Lastly, the document covers the deployment of the strategy, namely, a monitoring committee, a working group, and a financial plan.

Plan stratégique de recherche et de transfert de connaissances pour lutter contre la pauvreté (French only) Link to external site.

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