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Government Adult Education and Training Policy

The adoption in May 2002 of the adult education and training policy: "A Lifelong Journey", marks the beginning of a collective effort to permit adults without vocational qualification to obtain basic training and also to make working adults and even employers aware of the importance of investing in the maintenance and upgrading of skills. Public employment services have a determining role to play in implementing this government policy.

This policy revolves around four major interrelated orientations defining priorities for action:

  • to ensure basic training for adults in Québec;
  • to maintain and upgrade adult skill levels (the challenge is to instil a culture of ongoing training);
  • to enhance the acquired knowledge and skills of adults through official recognition;
  • to remove the obstacles to accessibility and perseverance.

The five-year action plan that is part of the Policy offers an ambitious series of measures constructed around four major goals: basic training, employment-related ongoing training, recognition of acquired knowledge and skills, and shared responsibility for funding training. In each case, specific targets are selected and the main focus of the actions is similar:

  • to create a demand for training;
  • to support, counsel and accompany adults on their chosen path;
  • to offer adults services related to their individual situation;
  • to work in collaboration with partners and to complement their actions.
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