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Employment and Training

Government Employment Plan - Employment: Passport for the Future

Published in January 2005,  Employment : Passport for the Future is the first phase in an initiative by the Québec Government and its partners to prepare the way for the changes that are occurring on the Québec labour market and in its economy.

The Government Employment Plan is a response adapted to the many significant changes now taking place that will determine Québec’s future. Some of these changes, such as the aging population, the globalization of markets and job futures, will involve several thousands of positions to be filled in the coming years. This situation means that the Government will constantly have to revise and adapt its policies and intervention methods in order to maintain prosperity and promote economic development. The plan is also an invitation to labour market partners to work cooperatively with the Government on a match plan to meet present and future changes.

The plan has 19 proposals grouped under 3 strategic orientations that focus on:

  • fostering higher worker competency levels;
  • attracting persons to the labour market and better maintaining workers already on the labour market;
  • stimulating economic and regional development.

With this plan, the Government particularly wants to ensure that the active labour market population will be able to obtain what it needs to maintain and develop work skills. The Government also wants to widen the labour pool, assist enterprises to become more competitive and encourage regional development.

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