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Logo for volunteer action

About the volunteer action logo

Action Bénévole Québec.Following the 2001 International Year of Volunteers, volunteer action community players and the Québec government acknowledged the need for a logo illustrating the sense of belonging both of volunteers and community organizations.

A Québec-wide contest was held in 2004 and a logo was selected from among 745 entries submitted. Created by Guillaume Morin of Candiac, the volunteer action logo has become a simple, easy-to-use promotional tool for fostering volunteer action. It symbolizes one person helping another up and the joined hands represent the trust between volunteers and those they help. We also see the fleur-de-lys, symbolizing Québec.

The volunteer action logo is now recognized across Québec. In displaying the logo, organizations can show the public that they recognize the importance and value of the volunteers working in their organization.

As part of a Québec-wide campaign to promote the logo, the Réseau de l’action bénévole du Québec updated it slightly in 2010-2011. The new version reflects the latest graphic design trends while respecting the spirit and integrity of the original.

Who can use the logo?

  • Government institutions and organizations who customarily call upon volunteers can use the logo
  • Legally constituted non-profit organizations and cooperative organizations are invited to contact the Réseau de l’action bénévole du Québec who, at the Government's request, oversees logo distribution among them.

For what purposes can the logo be used?

  • To promote volunteer action
  • To acknowledge the importance of the volunteers working in your institution or organization
  • To make it known to the population that your institution or organization needs volunteers

Are there ethical rules governing logo use?

To give the logo all the importance attached by the Government, a user licence for the official mark of volunteer action in Québec has been provided. The logo must be used with all due respect, because it reflects the exceptional and essential contribution made by volunteers.

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