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The following inspiring testimonials are by people who have agreed to describe the benefits that they have derived from volunteering.

Hands-on experience

As an Oxfam volunteer, I can make a modest contribution to achieving the organization’s objectives. I had always dreamed of devoting myself entirely to international development, and I leaped at the opportunity to commit myself to Oxfam. At the end of each day, I enjoy drawing up a list of the knowledge that I have acquired about Oxfam’s projects and procedures. I doubt that any theoretical course in an amphitheatre could be as effective.

Julienne Kamya,

Cameroonian immigrant
Volunteer, Oxfam-Québec

Career orientation

My Katimavik experience was critical in determining my career path. I was able to marvel at hitherto unexplored regions of Québec, enjoy extraordinary moments with highly qualified people, undertake biodiversity protection projects, discover new interests and much more. In short, it helped me find a great job in a captivating field—the environment.

Jean-Philippe Bolduc

Volunteer, Katimavik

Spending time with others

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed being involved in the community. Through a variety of experiences, I’ve discovered the great personal satisfaction that comes in helping others. Seeing their eyes shining is the only thanks I need. I founded the Association des parents de Saint-Rodrigue, was a volunteer administrator in my parish and have worked for Centraide. I also visited with the elderly and the ill, over a period of about 10 years. All of these people have become friends and a sort of extended family.

Jean-Paul Jolicoeur
Retired accountant
Long-time volunteer with a variety of organizations

Commitment that people notice

Volunteering on the board of trustees of AmiEs de la terre was a very positive experience for me. Professionally, seeing this commitment on my résumé really impressed my current employer! Looking back, I’m also very proud of my achievements. Actively working to build the better world you dream of makes you feel good. If everyone got involved, imagine what we could do!

Mélissa Poirier

Board of trustees, AmiEs de la terre de Québec

No drawbacks!

Volunteering lets me acquire occupational skills as an administrative assistant. It gives me an opportunity to speak French and improve my knowledge of the language, while acquiring new skills and a better understanding of how people work here, which is different than in my country of origin. Including volunteer work with Oxfam-Québec in my résumé will be an asset for me on the Québec labour market. Volunteering for Oxfam-Québec is highly useful for me and I am proud to offer my help to a high-profile organization.

Diana Gorea,

Moldavian immigrant
Volunteer, Oxfam-Québec

Retired but active

For the past seven years I have been a Centraide Québec volunteer, as a delegated representative. Fulfilling this role allows me to be in contact with the business world 16 weeks a year, from the end of August to mid-December. My role consists in visiting companies to support their Centraide fund-raising campaigns. I love this job, because doing it allows me indirectly to help the neediest members of society. I come out a winner and am pleased with my situation. I give back to society a bit of what I’ve received, because I had a good job and a pleasant work environment.

Claude Gendreau

Retired employee of the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ)
Delegated representative, Centraide Québec

Volunteering: An opportunity not to be missed!

Volunteering has always been a great opportunity for me to become involved in causes I care about. Thanks to this experience, I have been able to confirm my career shift. I am currently finishing my second training in the environment and my third internship as a volunteer. I have acquired a lot of experience and skills, while gaining great satisfaction by doing what I love. I also have direct access to my new community, and this has speeded up my integration into Québec society. Volunteer work has a great impact on both the person who receives and the one who gives!

Aline Pacheco Porciuncula

Brazilian immigrant
Volunteer, Katimavik Eco-Internship Program

Numerous advantages of volunteer work

Volunteering doesn’t just mean devoting time and energy to a cause close to your heart. It’s also a good opportunity to develop skills and discover talents. This can be a major asset from the occupational viewpoint. Indeed, I got my first two jobs by doing volunteer work. Volunteering also allows you to meet friendly, generous people with whom you share affinities and can enjoy pleasant times. Finally, volunteering means doing your share, but it’s also a chance to learn more about yourself.

Nathalie McDuff

Frontier College (Immigrant Francization activities, children’s reading tent and organizing committee)

For pleasure!

My experience as a volunteer French-language tutor is highly enriching. Weekly sessions with the student, focused on learning written French, are opportunities for numerous discussions about a wide array of topics. We work hard but enjoy it. I greatly appreciate the autonomy that the program offers volunteers. I came to Frontier College to give, and have received a lot!

Catherine Jacobs

Senior volunteer,
Frontier College

Volunteering: a type of therapy

I started volunteer work after my husband died. Now that I’m volunteering, my children don’t worry about me because I’m not lonely anymore and I don’t have time to get the blues. The work I’ve done as a volunteer has given me confidence and been very good for my self-esteem. But the most important thing is the good feeling that comes from visiting, accompanying or helping people through my volunteer work. It makes me feel useful to be able to help people and makes me more appreciative of my own life. For me, volunteer work is both a leisure activity and a type of therapy, and I would recommend it for everyone.

Yollande Belley

Long-time volunteer with persons in situations of poverty

Over 10 years of commitment!

I have been volunteering with the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke for about ten years and have been the director in charge of recruiting and managing volunteers for the past two years. For me, volunteering is an essential part of life. And it is thanks to volunteering that I got the job I have now. I had been volunteering with the Fédération des communautés culturelles de l’Estrie (FCCE) for six years and one day suggested to the decision-makers that a women’s committee be set up. They liked the idea and made me responsible for the committee. I also promote newcomer volunteering in my area under a framework agreement between Sherbrooke, the FCCE, the Centre d’action bénévole de Sherbrooke and the Collège de Sherbrooke.

Mariame Cissé
Volunteer, Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke
Person in charge of the Comité femme and Coordinator of women’s projects with the Fédération des communautés culturelles de l’Estrie (FCCE)

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