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Community action


Community organization and social economy business directors and coordinators, like all administrators, have a leading role to play in managing human resources. This is why it is important for them to know what their employees need and expect so that they can mobilize them.

Regional financial support profiles (In French only)

Regional profiles that provide a better understanding of the financial support granted to community organizations by the Québec government.

Achievements arising from implementation of the governmental policy on community action (In French only)

This section presents the various achievements since the implementation in September 2001 of the governmental policy on community action entitled Community Action: A Crucial Contribution to the Exercise of Citizenship and the Social Development of Québec.

Governmental policy on community action

An action plan that specifies the will of the government to provide community organizations with better support.

Community action reference framework (In French only)

An interpretation guide aimed at greater consistency in government action with community organizations.

Governmental policy on community action

Québec’s policy for acknowledging and supporting community action.

Update on government activity related to community action (In French only)

An update on Québec government funding for community action.

Governmental policy information bulletins (In French only)

More detailed information about community action in Québec.

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