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Multiservice room

The Services Québec office has a Multiservice room containing useful reference documents and tools to help you enter the labour market. You can also meet with an assistance officer to get answers to your questions or assistance in using the tools, consulting documents and looking for a job.

What you will find in the Multiservice room:

  • LMI Online serviceLink to external site., which gives you reliable, up-to-date information on the labour market, in particular job descriptions, wages and job prospects for over 500 trades and occupations as well as the trades and occupations in demand in each region of Québec. It also contains business directories to facilitate your job search as well as a description of the training and skills required for a given trade or occupation.
  • Québec Emploi – Online Employment Service Link to external site. , which allows you to quickly search job offers that match your profile and post your candidacy or job application online, along with your résumé. You can also register to receive email notifications of job openings that match your criteria.
  • Documentation, particularly on in-demand trades and occupations, the skills employers are looking for, employment trends in the various economic sectors, and hiring conditions in your region and in Québec as a whole.
  • Telephones, fax machines, computers, printers and photocopiers that you can use to contact potential employers and write your résumé and letters of presentation, as well as free Internet access to look for a job, in particular by visiting job banks.
  • Bulletin boards posting information on job openings, information workshops, upgrading courses, services in your community or region, etc.
  • Display stands with brochures and folders, including information on employment-assistance services and last-resort financial assistance programs.


Due to the heavy use of computers, we recommend that you ask the Services Québec office staff to specify the best time to find a free computer.

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