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Contesting an initial decision

Before submitting an application for review

First, ask the person in charge of your file for an explanation. Also feel free to contact the Centre de communication avec la clientèle. This ensure that you have all the information needed to fully understand the decision. It is also an opportunity for you to provide any additional explanations or documents.

Make sure the decision you are contesting is eligible for review.

What decisions are eligible for review?

Decisions rendered under last-resort financial assistance programs (Social Assistance Program and Social Solidarity Program) are eligible for review, except for decisions rendered under the Minister’s discretionary powers.

Claims issued under the Individual and Family Assistance Act are eligible for review, including claims to recover amounts granted under the Minister’s discretionary powers.

Decisions rendered under the Québec Parental Insurance Plan are eligible for review. However, if you wish to contest the amount of your premiums to the Plan, you must contact Revenu Québec.

In the case of a decision that was rendered under a last-resort financial assistance program and that is not eligible for review, you can apply for administrative reconsideration.

The Centre de communication avec la clientele can provide you with information on the matter.

Applications for review do not suspend the enforcement of contested decisions. For example, in the case of assistance provided under the Social Assistance Program or Social Solidarity Program, if the decision of the office in charge of your file reduces the amount of your monthly cheque, you will receive the reduced amount until a new decision is handed down.

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