Local employment centre locator

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Exceptional measures are being taken within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Services Québec offices and local employment centres (CLEs) will now be closed over lunch hour and some services will be temporarily unavailable or will be grouped at certain service points.

We invite you to call your nearest Services Québec office or CLE before going there in person. This will enable you to find out which services you can access and to schedule an appointment.

Welcome to the local employment centre locator!

Local employment centres (CLEs) and Services Québec offices offer services or resources to people who need employment assistance or last-resort financial assistance. They assist employers with managing and developing the competencies of human resources.

The local employment centre locator allows you to obtain the contact information of the service centres found in Québec’s 17 regions and to see the centres’ location on a map. It also displays CLEs and Services Québec offices according to the services they offer.

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