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Public registers

The following three registers contain information on citizens and businesses:

Québec register of civil status

In Québec, the Directeur de l'état civil Link to external website. is in charge of issuing official civil status documents such as certificates and copies of:

These documents can be obtained by submitting a request by mail, at Directeur de l’état civil offices in Québec or Montréal, or by the online request service available on the Directeur de l’état civil website Link to external website..

In addition, at certain Services Québec offices Link to external website., it is possible to:

  • obtain the required forms for requesting a certificate or a copy of an act
  • submit requests for certificates or copies of acts
  • have the required supporting documents validated and pay the associated fees

Qualified personnel are on hand at every office to assist you.

Enterprise register

The enterprise register, maintained by Revenu Québec, is especially useful when carrying out a business project.

Under an agreement with the Québec Minister of Revenue, the Ministère is responsible for providing in-person services related to the enterprise register Link to external website. as well as associated telephone information services.

Consequently, Services Québec offices in Montréal Link to external website. and Québec Link to external website. provide the following services:

  • registration of sole proprietorships, partnerships, associations and other businesses
  • consultation of the enterprise register
  • responses to general information requests

Qualified personnel are on hand at every office to assist you.

Québec land register

Under the land registration system, and in order to protect the ownership rights of Québec residents, all real estate transactions become public as soon as they are registered in the Québec land register. You can consult the register and trace the history of transactions involving a specific lot dating back to the register’s creation. The register is particularly important when purchasing a property.

Most registry offices that provide Québec land registry services are located in Services Québec offices Link to external website..

The following services are available there:

  • receipt and processing of print applications for registration in the Québec land register
  • receipt and processing of requests for copies of documents
  • billing and cash collection activities

Qualified personnel are on hand at every office to assist you.

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