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Income Support Program for Older Workers

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Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may attain $1013 a month. This amount corresponds to the maximum amount of the pension benefit paid by the Régie des rentes du Québec at age 65. The amount is adjusted on January first of each year to the amount of the pension.

To determine the amount to which you may be entitled, the Ministère de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale does not take into account:

  • the value of your assets (house, cottage, automobile, property, etc.);
  • your liquid assets (amounts in hand or in a bank account, term deposits, savings bonds, etc.);
  • your spouse’s income or that of your dependent children, if applicable.

However, the Department does take into account:

  • Your personal income; however, you do benefit from a general exclusion of $200 a month from the overall amount of your income.

If you are eligible for the program, the amount of financial assistance to which you are entitled will be paid each month. The financial assistance you received is taxable and no deduction at source is made at the time of payment.

Sample financial assistance calculation

Below is the situation of a family composed of two adults and one dependent child. The worker receives $600 a month in employment insurance. The spouse has work income of $500 a month.

Needs of the worker
Maximum financial assistance:
Amount for the spouse:
Amount for the dependent child:
Needs considered:
Worker's employment insurance:
Spouse's work income:
Income used for the calculation:

$600 (Spouse's income is not considered)
General exemption for income
- $200
Income considered: $400
Monthly assistance granted:
Note – No additional amount is granted to cover other specific needs (example: health-related needs).



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