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Most of the following links point to the Emploi-Québec and Qué website.

Employment Services for Citizens

  • Making the Right Career Choice Link to external site.
    Choosing a career is an important decision, and it’s normal to have questions about your interests and the options available to you. The following sections provide access to various resources that can help guide your decisions.
  • Developing Your Skills and Having Them Recognized Link to external site.
    Upgrading your personal and professional skills is key to finding work. To acquire the necessary skills or have them recognized, a number of avenues are open to you. The following programs could be of assistance.
  • Finding a Job Link to external site.
    Searching for a job is a crucial step in your working life. By giving careful thought to how you go about it, you can put the odds in your favour. Checking over the resources described below is a good place to start.
  • Starting a New Job Link to external site.
    Just got the job you wanted? Congratulations! Your next step is to take up your new position and make a good impression. The following pages list several resources that can facilitate your transition to working life.
  • Starting Your Own Business Link to external site.
    Are you thinking of starting your own business? Check out the following programs to see whether one of them could help you achieve your goal.

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Labour Market Information

  • Chiffres clés de l'emploi (French only) Link to external site.
    This document describes the evolution of the labour market throughout Québec and in each region. It contains information on the main labour market indicators by sex, age, education, and other variables.
  • Labour Market Information Link to external site.
    Labour Market Information (IMT) provides Québec-wide, regional and local studies, analyses and data for a better matching of labour market supply and demand.
  • Labour Market Bulletin (French only) Link to external site.
    The bulletin reflects changes in labour market conditions. It provides analyses of employment variations, the working population, and unemployment on a quarterly or semi-annual basis by region.

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Skills development and professional qualification

  • Vocational Qualification Link to external site.
    Vocational qualification programs are designed to favour manpower development. They allow people to achieve full proficiency in their trades, as practised in the workplace.
  • Voluntary Qualification Link to external site.
    Do you want to upgrade or obtain recognition for your skills in your trade? You can obtain a certificate of vocational qualification or an attestation of competency by taking part in a voluntary qualification program.
  • On-the-Job Training Link to external site.
    Would you like to learn a trade, develop your skills and become qualified on-the-job? Depending on which trade you choose, several different approaches are available.
  • Workforce Skills Recognition Link to external site.
    Do you have experience in a trade and feel that you have mastered the necessary skills? The Workforce Skills Recognition Program could allow you to obtain official recognition for your skills. The program applies to voluntary-qualification trades.
  • Compulsory Qualification Link to external site.
    Certain trades are governed by regulations aimed at ensuring the safety of workers and the public. To practise a regulated trade, you need to hold a certificate of qualification.
  • Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program Link to external site.
    Would you like to work elsewhere in Canada? Are you wondering whether your certificate of qualification is valid in the other provinces? The purpose of the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program is to favour labour mobility in Canada and allow skilled workers to practise their trades in the participating provinces and territories.
  • Recognition of Qualifications Link to external site.
    Does your Emploi-Québec certificate of qualification allow you to practise your trade outside Québec? Can someone who holds a certificate of qualification from another province or a foreign country work in Québec? This page will help you to find the aswers.

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