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There are a number of provincial and federal government programs designed to relieve the financial burden of raising children. Some of these are addressed to all families and others target families in particular income groups.

  • Assistance for Pregnant Minors Link to external site.
    If you’re under age 18 and are at least 20 weeks pregnant, the Pregnant Minor Financial Assistance Program can provide monthly financial assistance until your child is born.
  • Canada Child Tax Benefit Link to external site.
    This benefit is a monthly payment made to eligible families to help them with the cost of raising children under age 18. The National Child Benefit Supplement offsets the difference between the amount to which families may be entitled and the amount they actually receive.
  • The refundable tax credit for Family Allowance Link to external site. is paid by the Gouvernement du Québec and provides assistance to families. The Family Allowance measure consists of:
    • The Family Allowance payment
    • The supplement for the purchase of school supplies
    • The supplement for handicapped children
    • The Supplement for Handicapped Children Requiring Exceptional Care.
  • Québec Parental Insurance Plan Link to external site.
    The Québec Parental Insurance Plan is an income replacement plan that pays benefits to eligible parents following the birth or adoption of a child and helps to better reconcile work and family responsibilities.
  • Social Assistance Link to external site.

For other programs and services for families, consult the Services Québec – Citizens portal Link to external site..

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